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Momentum has taught me vulnerability and trust, I have become more open with expressing my feelings and more confident in my emotions and communication.

The physical element has transformed my confidence. People are not going to be able to recognize me now from my past self. The emotional state of me before Momentum vs. after Momentum; I am much more regulated from this program.

Momentum has made me much more assertive and able to advocate for myself and my needs. I am able to be vulnerable around people and describe how I am feeling. I have also learned many useful communication skills and have learned what a healthy friendship/relationship with someone looks like.

Momentum has shown me that I can do more than I thought and that sometimes I need a push.

Hi! This is a call you guys are probably not expecting. I was a former student at Momentum about 2 years ago and I thought I'd say hello to everyone that is still working there. I hope my therapist Joe is still working there and some other people that I can't remember their names at the moment. Tell them Hi, I'm doing very well. I'm in college and working now. I want to say thank you guys for helping me and my family heal.   – Voicemail from Student

I have been more confident in identifying my emotional state and expressing it. I also feel able to be honest and realistic with what my body and mind need.

I believe that the way that Momentum has been most helpful to me is how it helped me develop my ability to share my emotions and deal with distressing emotions.

I have gained a sense of confidence that I have never had in life. This confidence has transferred to leadership ability and emotional awareness.

I’m finding ways to be comfortable with myself and who I am. I’m accepting that people can be happy for me. I’ve learned self-regulation, and not seeing things in black & white

Ownership has helped me better my relationships. You don't have to use drugs to be happy. It has helped me find ways to describe how I'm feeling without blame.

Momentum has helped me learn about my autism and that it doesn't define me. I’m learning to push through difficult tasks. I’m holding myself to a high standard to lead by example. I’m being open to new opportunities

I’ve learned emotional regulation, self-worth and confidence, setting and accepting boundaries, and nutrition. I’m learning more about myself and I'm slowly embracing my true self.

Momentum has given me the skills to be successful in college and my future.

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Momentum has helped me in every way possible. Adapting to unfamiliarity, confidence, motivation, social skills.

I came here very stuck, low energy. Leaving a bundle of energy with goals and the fire to complete them.

Now, I love the idea of being sober. My anxiety levels are far lower. I worked through a lot of trauma.

Awesome experience it actually changed my life for the better and the staff and people who work there treat you like family.

Momentum has boosted my confidence in myself and my decision making ability. It has rejuvenated my life, and helped with perspective taking, distress tolerance, and communication skills.

I have come to know myself in many ways by engaging in activities and situations that have challenged me.

I have gained more confidence in myself. I am more comfortable sharing my feelings. I have improved my relationship skills

Momentum has taught me that avoiding happiness to avoid disappointment is not healthy. I’ve learned to deal with people I am not fond of and how to respect them.

It has been the most transformative with my self confidence, time management skills and my relationship management.

I am finally able to process my emotions, soothe myself, be present, and live my life for me. I can communicate productively and do so much more than I ever imagined.

My therapist was the greatest person on the planet and helped me get through it all. They are all there to help you and everyone can relate or understand where you are coming from.

I can be open. I feel a lot better. I feel more myself.