Daily Life

Daily life at Momentum begins with time to prepare for the day. You’ll start off getting your items ready for the day, doing hygiene, and maybe a morning run or meditation! After that, you’ll help prepare your breakfast before jumping into a day of academics, therapy, and restorative time before finishing up your day around a fire processing how it all went!

Each day at Momentum is an opportunity to practice the skills that will help you with living independently.

The week at Momentum is split into 3 days on campus and 4 days of adventure programming.



Life at Momentum has a consistent daily and weekly rhythm that our students become accustomed to. Each day students wake up at 6:45 am, have scheduled activities, prepare and eat meals together, finish the day with a nightly reflection around the campfire, and are in bed by 9:00 pm. This routine can feel really challenging for our new students if they are used to sleeping in late, or eating at any hour of the day. However, it usually starts to feel natural after about two weeks. Similarly, to the daily structure, the weeks at Momentum have a rhythm that also becomes familiar.


Each week has three campus days during which the students sleep in the dorms, and follow a schedule similar to what they might find on a college campus. Each day students make their bed, prepare and eat meals as a group, attend class, have individual & group therapy, and have a chance to slow down and relax during restorative time. These days have comforts like hot showers and elaborate meals, while the growth areas may be found in time management, organization, and with mental and emotional challenges inside the classroom and in therapy. The campus days conclude with Adventure Planning, when students work with our Adventure Facilitator to plan the activities of their upcoming Adventure Weekend.

Adventure Weekend:

Just when students are becoming tired of class and talking about themselves in therapy, the groups switch onto the Adventure Weekend. Some activities like Rock Climbing, equine, and camping are on a regularly scheduled rotation, while other activities like biking, fishing, and canoeing will be scheduled more or less frequently based on student interest and weather. While the challenges of the campus days are more individual, cerebral and emotional, the challenges of the adventure weekend are more physical and group oriented. Students will hike up to amazing views and work together to set up tarps at camp. In exchange for cushy mattresses in the dorms, the adventure weekend has beautiful waterfalls and sunsets, excitement on the bikes and climbing wall, and also sometimes involves drying your socks by the fire after getting caught in the rain. Just when students are ready for a hot shower, it's time for movie night and a transition back to campus days.

Sample Campus Day

Time Sample Campus Day
6:45 am Wake-up 6:45 - Make Your Bed
7:00 am Hygiene and Breakfast Prep
8:00 am Eat and Clean up Breakfast
9:00 am Exercise
10:00 am Social-Emotional Learning
11:00 am Group Therapy
12:00 pm Eat and Clean Up Lunch
1:00 pm Adventure Planning
2:00 pm Individual Therapy
3:00 pm Independent Work Study
4:00 pm Restorative Time
5:00 pm Dinner Prep
6:00 pm Eat dinner and clean up
7:00 pm Honor Circle (Nightly campfire circle)
8:00 pm Hygiene and get ready for bed
9:00 pm Quiet hour
10:00 pm Lights out!

Sample Adventure Day

Time Sample Adventure Day
6:45 am Wake-up at 6:45
7:00 am Hygiene and Breakfast Prep
8:00 am Eat and Clean up Breakfast
9:00 am Equine at local horse ranch
10:00 am
11:00 am
12:00 pm Hike back to campus
1:00 pm Eat and clean up Lunch
2:00 pm Outdoor rock climbing at Gilbert’s Rock
3:00 pm
4:00 pm
5:00 pm Walk back out to campsite
6:00 pm Eat dinner and clean up
7:00 pm Nightly campfire reflection (Honor Circle)
8:00 pm Hygiene and get ready for bed
9:00 pm Quiet hour
10:00 pm Lights out!