Daily Life at Momentum

A balanced approach to active healing in everyday situations.

Build Resilience.
Adapt To Challenges.
Find Your Flow.

Each day at Momentum offers a chance to cultivate the skills you need for a successful, independent, and fulfilling life. Through a balanced approach, our daily activities help you find healing, adapt to challenges, and build resilience in everyday situations.

Two young adults ride on a narrow trail through a lush wooded area. The lead cyclist is smiling, wearing a black t-shirt. Both wear yellow helmets
Two young women examine a large map on a table inside a wooden cabin with a lot of natural lighting. In the background, a teacher stands in front of a whiteboard.

Daily Living Activities

  • Self-Care & Personal Hygiene
  • Meal Prep & Cooking
  • Time Management & Organization

Therapy & Education

  • Individual & Group Therapy
  • Independent Study
  • Social-Emotional Learning Course

Recreation & Wellness

  • Movement & Exercise
  • Outdoor Activities
  • Restorative Time

"Momentum has shown me that I can do more than I thought and sometimes I need a push."

~ Momentum Student

What's On The Schedule?

Therapy + Life Skills + Nature

A group of students is descending the steps of a campus building. They are engaged in conversation and smiling. One student is holding his phone.

Structure + Consistency

Your Daily Routine

Each morning, you'll prepare your mind and body for the day with your personal hygiene routine and maybe even engage in a morning run, gentle yoga, or a short meditation before jumping into the rest of the day's activities.

You'll wind down for the night with reflections around the campfire and then lights out by 9:00 pm.

While adjusting to this routine may be challenging at first, it usually becomes second nature within two weeks!


Reflect + Learn

Campus Days

Students spend 5 days per week on campus living in a college-like environment, learning how to share space with others and develop essential independent living skills.

You'll sleep in dorms, cook and eat group meals, attend classes, and participate in individual and group therapy.

Campus days conclude with Adventure Planning, where students collaborate with the Adventure Facilitator to plan their upcoming weekend activities.

Two students on paddleboards, navigating the peaceful waters of a lake, demonstrating therapeutic outdoor activities.

Explore + Have Fun

Adventure Weekends

Adventure Weekends provide a break from classes and therapy. Students are encouraged to step out of their comfort zones and participate in group-oriented challenges.

Depending on student interest and weather, activities can include paddleboarding, rock climbing, equine therapy, camping, biking, fishing, or canoeing.

After an exciting weekend, you'll transition back to campus with a hot shower, a good meal, and a fun movie night.

Sample Campus Day Schedule

Time Sample Campus Day
6:45 am Wake-up 6:45 - Make Your Bed
7:00 am Hygiene and Breakfast Prep
8:00 am Eat and Clean up Breakfast
9:00 am Exercise
10:00 am Social-Emotional Learning
11:00 am Group Therapy
12:00 pm Eat and Clean Up Lunch
1:00 pm Adventure Planning
2:00 pm Individual Therapy
3:00 pm Independent Work Study
4:00 pm Restorative Time
5:00 pm Dinner Prep
6:00 pm Eat dinner and clean up
7:00 pm Honor Circle (Nightly campfire circle)
8:00 pm Hygiene and get ready for bed
9:00 pm Quiet hour
10:00 pm Lights out!

Sample Adventure Day Schedule

Time Sample Adventure Day
6:45 am Wake-up at 6:45
7:00 am Hygiene and Breakfast Prep
8:00 am Eat and Clean up Breakfast
9:00 am Equine at local horse ranch
10:00 am
11:00 am
12:00 pm Hike back to campus
1:00 pm Eat and clean up Lunch
2:00 pm Outdoor rock climbing at Gilbert’s Rock
3:00 pm
4:00 pm
5:00 pm Walk back out to campsite
6:00 pm Eat dinner and clean up
7:00 pm Nightly campfire reflection (Honor Circle)
8:00 pm Hygiene and get ready for bed
9:00 pm Quiet hour
10:00 pm Lights out!

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