Our Individualized Therapeutic Approach

While at Momentum, you’ll engage in twice-weekly individualized therapy plus group therapy that supports you to define and create goals. Therapy at Momentum focuses on understanding you and what your unique needs are as a person.

Momentum’s therapeutic approach centers on building healthy relationships with self, others, learning, and technology. Our relational-based model is informed through attachment theory, a strengths-based perspective, trauma-informed skill building, developing resilience, and community support.


Your strengths will be recognized, appreciated, and celebrated at Momentum. You’ll develop new relational and coping skills and work towards your individual goals.

We work to support you on a journey of growth and healing. Momentum can be a transformative experience, offering adventure, friendships, skill building, planning, self-advocacy, and family reconnection.

How therapy is different at Momentum:

Therapy at Momentum looks different from outpatient therapy in a couple of ways.

You may do a session while fishing, on a mountain bike, in a canoe, or while watching the sunset over our lake!

Your therapy doesn’t just stay in your session. You’ll have immediate support from our team of mentors to take a new skill from a session and apply it to your day-to-day life at Momentum.

You will be in a community of peers who are also engaging in their own therapeutic work and dedicated to improving their lives.

Family Involvement:

Overview of family programming:

As a parent of a young adult at Momentum, you have the opportunity to engage on a parallel track. You will learn skills that mirror the skills your young adult is learning. The focus during your work is identifying areas of growth, strength, and opportunity as a parent. You will engage in a weekly therapeutic coaching session and then have the option to attend a weekly parent support group via Zoom. In addition, you will participate in one parent workshop session to practice and apply skills alongside other parents of young adults.

Family therapy will begin when the family therapeutic coaching and the young adult’s therapeutic parallel paths combine. These sessions will be held over Zoom and facilitated by your young adult’s therapist.

Momentum works with you and your family to develop skills of transparent communication, relational safety, mutual trust, and shared goals.

Our team supports you and your family to better understand each other, resolve and learn skills to effectively navigate conflict, and develop skills to support your increasing independence!

Some elements of our parent coaching include:

Dyadic Developmental Parenting Strategies

Creating and maintaining healthy and attainable boundaries

Rupture and Repair
(conflict management)

Supporting independence
of your young adult

Challenge by Choice

Growth often starts outside of our comfort zone. At Momentum, your therapist and mentors will work to establish a safe relational basis of trust and look to progressively challenge you with specific, measurable, attainable, and realistic goals.

Diversity, Inclusivity, and Individual Identity

Momentum is committed to creating and maintaining a culture of openness, trust, transparency, and safety for individuals, centered around dignity and self-worth while also providing quality care. We are constantly learning from the young adults at Momentum and each other, intentionally embodying respect, support, and authenticity every step of the way.

Through this commitment, Momentum supports and affirms all individuals, promoting a culture of respect and understanding for race, color, ethnicity, religion, sex, national origin, age, ancestry, physical/mental ability, status as a veteran, sexual orientation, marital status, parental status, gender identity, gender expression, genetic information, and socioeconomic status of all persons.

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