A Holistic & Personalized Young Adult Therapy Program

Our program is a challenge-by-choice gap experience that empowers young adults between the ages of 18-25 to independently make meaningful changes in their lives. Combining traditional therapy with hands-on experiential learning, we encourage participants to actively engage in their therapeutic process and discover positive self-agency.

Located in the breathtaking landscapes of Western North Carolina, we provide a unique therapeutic environment where individuals can explore their true potential and overcome life's challenges.

Our holistic approach combines adventure-based therapy, mindfulness practices, and individualized counseling. Whether it's building self-confidence, improving relationships, or addressing mental health concerns, Momentum offers the support and guidance needed to thrive. Our goal is to empower each individual to become the architect of their own success and fulfillment.

Who We Help

At Momentum, we work to support young adults ages 18–25 with specific mental health challenges, like depression, anxiety, and avoidance. We are intentional about who we bring into the community to ensure a balanced environment that supports steady growth for young adults.

How We Help

  • Therapeutic Work with Licensed Clinicians
  • Essential Life Skill Development
  • Challenge-by-choice Adventure Programming
  • Build Interpersonal Relationships and Self-Confidence

We are a strengths-based, challenge-by-choice program. We focus on what students are, not what they aren’t. Our staff works with young adults to develop their natural abilities.

Before a student ever sets foot on base camp, the work begins. We work with young adults and parents to help develop transparency, change interactions for the better, and build mutual trust and goals. While each student is learning and growing within the program, parents and siblings will learn new skills that will help strengthen family relationships and support success.

For the duration of the Momentum program, each family member is provided with the appropriate communication and tools necessary to contribute to the process of becoming a healthy functioning family system.

Momentum is the place to choose change and feel inspired to rise to your capabilities. With challenge-by-choice, adventure-based therapy, you’ll discover in yourself strengths you never knew and a new definition of what is possible.