For Our Parents

At Momentum, we offer parents a valuable opportunity to support their young adult in overcoming challenges such as low self-esteem, avoidance, anxiety and depression while nurturing their path to healthy independence, goal realignment, and personal growth. During their time with us, your young adult will acquire essential insights, skills, and tools that prepare them for a successful transition into the next phase of their life.

Our program is designed as a challenge-by-choice gap experience which empowers individuals between the ages of 18-25 to set achievable goals and make meaningful changes in their lives in order to move ahead as a capable young adult. Combining traditional therapy with hands-on experiential learning your young adult will be supported by staff and like-minded peers to conquer self-doubt, equipping them with the skills to communicate effectively, manage their emotions, and establish deep, meaningful connections with others. They will emerge as confident young adults, fully prepared to excel in various aspects of their lives.

With no prior outdoor experience required and optional outdoor activities, Momentum is accessible to young adults who may have less experience or interest in the great outdoors. While students are surrounded by nature on our campus and have access to outdoor recreational activities each week, our most extensive trip is a two-day optional backpacking trip.

Why Momentum?

Challenge-by-choice program

Like-minded peer group

529 funding coverage

Essential life skills

529 Funding at Momentum

College savings 529 plans can cover the entire cost of the Momentum program. Students who complete our Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) course can earn three college credit hours and use their 529 funds to fund this life-changing experience.

Nutrition & Life Skills

At Momentum, students work collaboratively in our commercial kitchen, alongside supportive and experienced staff, and learn the importance of the body-mind connection, how to prepare healthy meals, nutrition, and meal preparation skills. Our program focuses on a high-quality, anti-inflammatory diet to support a balanced life inside and out.

The Path Forward

Momentum offers parents a valuable opportunity to support their young adult children in overcoming challenges like anxiety and depression while nurturing their path to healthy independence, goal realignment, and personal growth through a challenge-by-choice gap experience that combines traditional therapy with hands-on experiential learning.

Living in a growth-focused learning community of like-minded peers teaches essential community living know-how. With the support of therapists and mentor staff, young adults at Momentum gain dynamic relationship and communication skills.

Students also garner skills in self awareness, self management, social awareness, relationship management, and responsible decision making through their Social-Emotional Learning coursework at Momentum.

Experienced Professional & Passionate Staff

Our team is comprised of experienced, professional, and passionate individuals dedicated to your success in the program.

Explore Beauty & Adventure in WNC

Experience the transformative power of adventure therapy amid the stunning natural beauty of Western North Carolina.

Clinical & Therapeutic Expertise

Our students benefit from our clinical and therapeutic expertise, guiding them to explore their inner selves and foster personal growth.

Get a Glimpse into Your Momentum

Listen to the voices of our students and families – let their transformative experiences inspire your own journey at Momentum.

529 PLANS Did you know families have the option to use these plans for tuition?