A Transformative Gap Experience

Discover yourself and your strengths on a transformative journey with Momentum—a structured and supportive gap semester program for young adults aged 18-25. Whether you or your child is considering a break from the traditional path of entering the workforce or college, our program addresses personal challenges, clarifies goals, and builds the essential skills for future success.

What is a Gap Semester?

Momentum takes a modern approach to a gap semester, offering various options such as exploring career paths, working, and engaging in programs focusing on emotional and educational growth. Our gap semester experience combines adventure-based activities, mental health support, and life skills training to create a comprehensive and enriching program.

Why Choose a Gap Semester?

The pressures and expectations placed on young adults, both internal and external, can be overwhelming. Many young adults choose a gap program to step back, develop independence, gain self-awareness, and improve their emotional well-being. It's a valuable opportunity to assess and enhance personal skills before pursuing higher education or entering the workforce. Our program caters to young adults experiencing mental health challenges, offering the time and support needed to improve emotional health, develop coping mechanisms, and establish a strong support system.


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Why Choose Momentum?

Momentum is not your ordinary gap program. We offer a structured community, qualified mentorship, and an educational focus. A mix of thrilling and relaxing adventure activities like rock climbing, canoeing, mountain biking, and hiking broaden horizons, build confidence, and develop practical skills. We even allow earning college credits, fostering academic excellence and self-assurance.

Our emphasis on communication skills within a supportive community enables strong relationships, effective conflict resolution, and remarkable leadership abilities. Young adults leave Momentum empowered, with a new lease on life.

Take the first step towards a memorable and enriching gap experience. Contact us today to learn more about Momentum and how we can help young adults thrive.