Navigating Screen Addiction and Isolation in Young Adults

For years, research has highlighted the detrimental effects of internet and video game addiction in young adults ages 18–25. Recognizing the evolving landscape of technology and its impact on mental health, Momentum has adapted its approach to address the broader issue of screen addiction and isolation.

Identifying Screen Addiction Indicators:

Screen addiction can manifest in various ways, including spending excessive hours online, irritability when internet or gaming time is disrupted, isolation from family and friends, and a sense of panic or irritability when away from screens. These indicators, among others, underscore the complexities of navigating the digital age.

Addressing Screen Addiction:

Momentum offers a specialized adventure therapy program designed to assist young adults in overcoming screen addiction and re-discovering (or discovering) a healthy and positive lifestyle. Our program combines challenge-by-choice adventure-based activities with clinical services to create a transformative experience for young adults and their families.

Adventure Therapy

At our Sky Valley base camp, located on an 800-acre mountaintop property (conveniently 30 minutes south of the Asheville Airport), young adults engage in a variety of activities, including rafting, hiking, fly fishing, rock climbing, and more. These experiences serve as alternatives to excessive screen time, fostering personal growth, building new interests, and promoting overall wellness.

Strengths-Based Approach:

Our program adopts a strengths-based approach, encouraging young adults to focus on their abilities rather than limitations. By creating opportunities for in-the-moment learning and growth, adventure-based therapy helps students discover their strengths and cultivate new interests.

Therapeutic Guidance for Lasting Change:

Licensed and experienced therapists guide students on a journey of growth, healing, and relief. Momentum offers more than traditional therapy; it is a transformative experience that builds confidence, fosters true friendships, and instills skills for planning and self-advocacy.

Supporting Families Through Growth:

Our program not only focuses on the individual but also helps young adults strengthen their family relationships. Collaborating with parents, we work towards healthier connections and provide a supportive space for families to learn and grow together, fostering long-term changes in the family system.

Choose Change, Choose Momentum

Whether the concern is smartphone, internet, or video game addiction, Momentum is the place to choose change. Our program inspires young adults ages 18-25 to discover their capabilities, overcome screen addiction, and embark on a path toward a fulfilling and balanced life. Contact us today to start your family’s healing journey.

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