What Is A Gap Year, Gap Semester, or Gap Experience?

“An intentional period of time devoted to personal growth and exploration through experiential learning opportunities.”

— Gap Year Association

This definition perfectly describes Momentum’s gap program. Our students have the opportunity to pause their current circumstances to learn more about themselves while developing personal, interpersonal, and outdoor skills in order to better navigate whatever challenges lie ahead.

What does a gap semester at Momentum look like?

Our student experiences are as dynamic as our community. Students who want to prepare for college may find value in pushing themselves in the college-accredited Social-Emotional Learning class and practicing or learning time management skills. Others are more interested in the Outdoor Recreation class, leaning into adventure activities to find a sense of physical empowerment and discover new hobbies like rock climbing, camping, or mountain biking.

Some students find the most immediate value in adding communication and relationship-building tools into their toolbox. Repairing ruptures in past relationships and forging new ones is all hard work, and we can all use some help and practice when we get stuck.

Our schedule is adaptive, allowing students to share the same schedule while choosing their own activities. Each student's experience is unique in what resonates most with them, what they find most challenging, and what they most want to carry forward with them.

All of these practical skills directly support and scaffold our gap experience community’s constant theme of therapeutic growth. Each student at Momentum has care from experienced staff alongside a safe space within their group to engage in self-exploration and meaningful family work. Through this powerful combination, our students find themselves completing the gap program with a clearer picture of what they need to navigate whatever challenges come next.

What are the benefits of a Gap Semester at Momentum?

Momentum is a young adult mental health and wellness program that differs from other gap year and gap semester programs by offering a unique blend of personalized healing, adventure-based wellness, and academic and life skills in a challenge by choice environment. Whether you or a loved one is considering dropping out of college or following a unique path, here’s how Momentum empowers young adults to conquer challenges with confidence.

Personalized Healing

Momentum offers individualized therapy sessions tailored to your unique journey. Address anxiety, depression, and other medical symptoms head-on in a supportive environment, paving the way for personal breakthroughs.

Adventure-Based Wellness

Embark on a mental health gap program designed to combat anxiety through adventure. Explore the stunning landscapes of Western North Carolina, turning nature into your therapeutic playground.

Academic & Life Skills Boost

Tackle the challenges of young adult life with a curriculum that goes beyond the classroom. Develop essential skills, from organization to effective communication.

Building Connections

Join a community of peers who understand the struggles, forging friendships that last beyond your gap experience. Find the support you need to navigate anxiety and build lasting connections for a healthier future.

Building Empowerment & Independence

Overcome the fear of adulting by gaining the tools to thrive independently. Chart a course for a more fulfilling life, armed with resilience, confidence, and a newfound sense of purpose.