Success After Momentum

Sustained growth & improvement for long-term success.

Build Better Relationships.
Communicate with Confidence.
Feel Happier.

of our students report improved relationship skills
of our students report that they are better at communicating feelings
of our students report being less depressed

Hear From Alumni Students & Parents


Gain Practical Skills
& Self-Confidence

After our program, young adults have increased confidence to apply their skills to independent living, academic and career goals—and most importantly—a healthier relationship with themself and others!

Momentum Student

Momentum has taught me that avoiding happiness to avoid disappointment is not healthy. I’ve learned to deal with people I am not fond of and how to respect them.

Alumni Student

Momentum has taught me vulnerability and trust. I am becoming more willing to express my feelings & more confident in identifying my emotions.

Alumni Student

I am finally able to process my emotions, soothe myself, be present, and live my life for me. I can communicate productively and do so much more than I ever imagined.

Alumni Student

Studies show that Outdoor Behavioral Health Programs Stand Out.

Higher Completion Rates

94% vs. 37%

Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare (OBH) is more engaging & effective at retaining participants through the completion of the program compared to Treatment as Usual (TAU).

More Cost-Effective

$27,426 vs. $31,113

On average, OBH is more cost-effective per person for a 90-day treatment period ($27,426) compared to TAU ($31,113).

Increased Quality of Life Years

60% More Quality of Life Years

OBH is associated with a significant increase in Quality of Life Years (QALY) compared to TAU, indicating benefits to immediate and long-term recovery.

Superior Clinical Outcomes

424% Better Outcomes

OBH results in 424% better treatment outcomes for emotional and behavioral issues compared to TAU, as measured by the Youth Outcome Questionnaire.

I'm much more able to advocate for myself and my needs. I'm able to be vulnerable around people and describe how I am feeling. I have also learned many useful communication skills and what healthy relationships look like.

Alumni Student

College has been really good so far. More than I could have predicted. I've had almost all A's this semester and have been able to handle my schoolwork, as well as my social life and other activities. I have a good balance right now, and I am really happy.

Alumni Student

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