Navigating Young Adulthood with Neurodivergence

Early adulthood can be overwhelming for 18-25 year olds from all backgrounds. Neurodivergent individuals, including those on the autism spectrum, may encounter additional challenges as they navigate this chapter of their lives. Our adventure therapy program is designed to assist neurodivergent students in gaining the life skills necessary to lead happy, healthy lives.

Supporting Neurodiverse Students to Build Confidence

Momentum provides tailored challenge-by-choice adventures and opportunities in our therapy program for young adults within a supportive environment. With our challenge-by-choice philosophy, students establish personal goals, engage in conversations about their struggles, and dedicate time to reflection throughout their journey.

We adhere to a strengths-based approach, encouraging young people to focus on their abilities rather than perceived limitations. This approach fosters confidence and independence in our students. Adventure-based clinical therapy creates opportunities for neurodivergent students to discover their strengths and explore new aspects of themselves—all with the beneficial agency of a challenge-by-choice philosophy.

Addressing Challenges Faced by Neurodivergent Students

Students often come to us when grappling with one or more of the following:

Difficulty transitioning into adulthood

Challenges in emotional regulation

Experiences of depression and anxiety

Struggles in social situations

Self-isolation or avoidance

Low self-esteem and confidence

Embark on Adventure-Based Therapy

Adventure-based therapy provides a beneficial alternative for those who may have encountered challenges with traditional therapeutic methods. Led by licensed and experienced therapists, our adventure programming guides neurodiverse students through in-the-moment learning and growth. Activities such as hiking, canoeing, and rock climbing offer experiential learning opportunities as they progress toward wellness.

While overcoming fears is an incredible feat, being frozen in fear can feel overwhelming. With our challenge-by-choice approach, students have the agency to choose how much they challenge themselves in these adventures while receiving encouragement and skilled support from our exceptional staff. 


Growth Focus for Students and Their Families

Our program not only aids neurodivergent young adults in strengthening their family relationships but also involves collaboration with parents to develop healthier connections and rebuild bonds. It is crucial for parents and siblings to acquire new skills as their loved ones work through their challenges. Providing a supportive space for families to learn and grow together allows for long-term growth in the family system.


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