Empowering Growth through Adventure Therapy

At Momentum, we believe in the transformative power of adventure therapy guided by the Challenge-by-Choice philosophy. Our program is designed to empower individuals to overcome challenges, discover their strengths, and foster personal growth in a supportive outdoor setting.

Key Principles of Momentum: Challenge-by-Choice

Voluntary Participation

We encourage participants to engage voluntarily in a range of adventure activities (see a list of potential activities below). The choice to participate is always in the hands of the individual.


Respect for Comfort Zones

We understand everyone has different comfort levels, and we respect these differences. By creating an environment that encourages individuals to explore at their own pace, each participant's unique journey is honored.


Empowerment and Ownership

Participants take charge of their experience by making choices that align with their personal goals. This sense of ownership fosters a deeper connection to the learning process.


Expanding Comfort Zones

While honoring personal boundaries, Momentum encourages individuals to stretch beyond their comfort zones. Growth often occurs when we challenge ourselves in a supportive and encouraging atmosphere.

Two Students Looking At A Map


Our program is designed to accommodate diverse abilities and skill levels, ensuring that everyone can participate and contribute to the collective experience.


Fostering Trust and Team Building

Trust is foundational in our community. Through collaborative challenges, participants build trust with themselves, our staff, and their peers, creating a strong foundation for personal development.


Learning through Reflection

We emphasize the importance of reflective learning. Participants are encouraged to reflect on their choices, experiences, and the valuable lessons gained from the challenges they choose to undertake—as well as those they opt out of.


Positive Reinforcement

We celebrate individual and group achievements, reinforcing the idea that every challenge met, regardless of its level, contributes to the overall growth journey.


Join Momentum for a Life-Changing Adventure

Find an expanse of activity opportunities on our beautiful 800-acre campus and at adventure hot spots just minutes off-campus:


You can enjoy hiking on our 800-acre property as well as in Dupont State Forest, adjacent to our campus and host to 86 miles of trails and several waterfalls. Longer expedition hikes take place on permitted trails throughout Pisgah National Forest.


Our trout-stocked lake allows you to learn and practice fishing through most of the year.

Equine Rehabilitation

At Momentum, you can work with our Equine Specialist to practice verbal and non-verbal communication skills in equine rehabilitation sessions.


Develop skills on Lake Luellen, our on-campus lake, to get ready for optional extended canoe trips on lakes like South Carolina’s Lake Jocassee!

Outdoor Skills

Skills like fire-making teach you resourcefulness, perseverance, and independence.


Momentum’s extensive course areas in the Pisgah National Forest provide over 500,000 acres to explore! Plan optional 2 day backpacking adventures with our community.

Mountain Biking

You’ll get to learn mountain bike fundamentals and explore nearby trails in Dupont State Forest, a nationally known biking destination.

Rock Climbing

Local business partner Brevard Rock Gym encourages you to challenge yourself and gain confidence indoors while our adventure coordinator will lead you on stunning outdoor climbing trips!

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