Navigating Transitions to Adulthood

The transition to adulthood is a natural and necessary phase filled with complexities. This stage for young adults demands increased independence and responsibility, which can feel significant and daunting. 18-25 year olds naturally face struggles during this life transition, and Momentum is here to help cultivate the skills necessary to face these challenges.

Empowering Young Adults Through Guided Exploration

Life transitions can be more challenging than they seem. At Momentum, we've designed our program to support young adults in overcoming the difficulties associated with transitioning to adulthood. Our approach, grounded in adventure therapy and experiential learning, steps in to create success for your young adult during this crucial phase.

Engaging Academics in a Natural Setting

One of the key components of our program is engaging academics in a natural setting. Students at Momentum have the opportunity to expand their education through experiential learning. Classes are taught by accredited, experienced instructors amidst the backdrop of our expansive campus with hiking trails, woods, and waterfalls. This unique learning environment allows students to study the natural world, acquire new skills, and reset away from distractions.

Why Choose Momentum for Your Young Adult's Transition?

Challenge-By-Choice Philosophy:

Our challenge-by-choice clinical adventure programming offers opportunities for your young adult to develop essential life skills and embrace challenges willingly during this critical transition.

Guided Exploration:

Our approach to adventure therapy gently guides young adults through the unknowns of this phase, fostering personal growth and resilience.

Experiential Learning:

Momentum provides a valuable alternative for students who may have struggled in traditional college settings, offering a chance to immerse themselves in experiential learning away from distractions.

Nature as a Classroom:

With direct access to hiking trails, woods, and waterfalls on campus, Momentum transforms nature into a classroom, creating an enriching educational experience.

Re-Engaging in Education:  

Whether in a classroom environment, by the river, or in the backcountry, we partner with our students to help them re-engage in learning. Our accredited educational staff guide students in their path to reconnect with learning.

Choose Momentum to support your young adult in navigating the complexities of transitioning to adulthood. Our program goes beyond conventional approaches, offering a unique blend of challenge by choice adventure therapy, experiential learning, and academic engagement to empower young adults and set them on a path to success.

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