Jeniveve, LCSW

Clinical Director / Primary Therapist

Jeniveve Rollins, LCSW

Substance Abuse/Dependence | Depression | Anxiety
Attention Deficit Issues | Post-traumatic Stress | Self-Esteem Issues
School Anxiety | Anger Management | Family Communication & Collaboration


Jeniveve believes everyone is a capable learner with solid potential to make positive choices for their present and future. She has dedicated her professional life to teaching adolescents and young adults skills to improve their mental health needs, develop skills for sobriety, perform better in school, and be empowered to make healthy life choices.

Jeniveve obtained a Masters of Social Work degree from Portland State University.

She has worked in diverse settings of outpatient agencies and a nature-based boarding school, collaborated with administration and teachers in traditional school settings, and partnered with adolescents and families in traditional therapy settings.

In her personal time, she enjoys spending time with her 2 daughters, training and showing her dog Bexley, riding horses, hiking, and being in the outdoors.

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